Guest post by Gary J. Oliver

Is there a difference between a family in which everyone is a Christian and a Christian family? Yes. It takes more than every family member being a born-again Christian to make a Christian family. A Christian family is a family where relationships with each other are patterned after the way God communicates and relates to His children. It is a place where truth is lived out, not merely talked about.

In a healthy family, the parents provide an observable model of what it means to be made in God’s image. Family is where we learn the importance of a growing love relationship with Jesus Christ; what it means to be a man or woman; how to relate intimately to another person; how to form strong, lasting commitments; how to acknowledge and express emotions; how to have constructive conflict; how to have physical, emotional, and intellectual boundaries; how to communicate; how to cope and survive life’s problems; how to be self-disciplined; how to appreciate oneself and love others.

A healthy family provides an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and positive opportunities for growth, that includes helping each person to come to a knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of God and Jesus Christ, and a knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of himself/herself as a unique person made in the image of God. It is a family in which biblical truth is both taught and caught.



  1. Hi Elton,

    I have been reading you posts and many are very encouraging, however, I do have a question.

    From your previous website, bibleteachingonline101.net, I found out that you are a KJV supporter. In your recent posts on this new blog, there are quotes from other bibles. Is there a reason for this?

    I am not trying to provoke you or cause contention, I am just writing to find out your opinion and views on this.


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