Follower of Christ – Married to a Beautiful and Creative Women  –  Father of 4 World Changers  –  Pastor of Families and Children

I found Jesus when I was six years old and have embraced the journey of following Him ever since. I have had the privilege of being married for 21+ years to the love of my life Heather. We have 4 children that God has blessed us with and whom we believe will be used to advance the Kingdom of God. My wife and I have been ministering to children and youth for 25 years and in those years we have had the opportunity to serve in Liberia, West Africa; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and India – Lucknow & New Dehli. We have a passion to “Bring Children to Jesus” or better put we have a mandate from the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Me

  1. I have some questions concerning women’s place in creation and in the church: Is the early church’s teaching concerning women a result of the temporal position of women of that era or for all time? Why did the Risen Christ send Mary Magdalene to proclaim the Resurrection to the Apostles?
    Jesus as the Last Adam was obedient and did not sin. And the Church as the last Eve should be obedient and not sin. How can the feminine image of the Church have any authority if women cannot?

    • My heart for this post was to encourage us as Fathers to be accountable to what God has entrusted to us in our children. Their have been great women of God who have changed the course of history and I applaud them for their passion to do what God has asked of them. As far as authority goes, it is to me very simple, God is the one who gives and places people in authority. I appreciate you reading my blog

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