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“Don’t bargain with God. Be direct. Ask for what you need.

(Matthew 7:7 MSG)

“Two for five”

When my family and I had the opportunity to spend time as missionaries in Liberia, West Africa each day we would hear “Two for Five” from the bread man who was selling bread two loaves for five Liberian dollars.

Being in another culture you quickly understand the value of bargaining. Everyone does it different, there are those who are quick to name a very low price and then there are those who ask then stand quietly.

What I love about Matthew 7:7 is it’s straightforwardness. When you are placed in a position to talk with God this verse gives us a great insight into how God thinks. “Don’t bargain with God…” You know that when you bargain with someone neither of you shows his or her hand. With God it is foolish to think He is not aware of what you have, so don’t bargain, and at the same time remember what He has. Be BOLD! don’t be timid, be direct “ask for what you need”.

I challenge you the next time you come to a place to talk with God write it down on a 3 x 5 card as simple and precise as possible and read it out loud! and place it on a mirror, fridge, a well traveled area.